At age 20 the birth mother told me after the fact , that I had a son that had been given up for adoption to avoid a family scandal. We were both young and had only one night together. I was astounded at how courageous her decision was to have the child and how hard it was to keep it from her family. The adoption to a loving family seemed like the best situation at the time. It's been 34 years and well, I thought this song might help others not to make my mistakes....hope you like it


I Wonder If You
by Robert Louis Crane Copywrite 2011

Verse # 1
Your Momma told me her secret, a long long time ago
And I swore I would keep it ,
I was just too young to know
that this secret I'd be keeping...
would be my biggest regret
That secret was you my son … whom I've never met

Verse # 2
I think God had a plan for someone to hold your hand when you first tried to walk
I bet your mom and dad
where so proud when you said ,
your first words as you talked
And I wish I was there
to dry your eyes and hold you tight
when those bad dreams awoke you
like they often do in the middle of the night

And I wonder if you , ever wonder too … ?
About what could been if I ever met you
Not a day can go bye , I'm not reminded of you
My life's biggest regret, is the secret I've kept
My son, whom I've never met

Verse #3
Are your eyes crystal blue
like your grandmas' were too ?
Do you have my curly hair?
Is there a scar on your knee
when you from that tree
that you climbed on a dare?
I wish I'd given you the keys to the family car for your first big date
And I'm sorry that I wasn't there to see you graduate

And I wonder if you , ever wonder too … ?
about what could been if I ever met you
Not a day can go bye , I'm not reminded of you
My Life's biggest regret is the secret I've kept
You're the son whom I've never met

Verse # 4
I dream you are all grown with a house and wife and a son of your own
Did you teach him to fish and ride a bike and catch a ball that you've thrown
And if you cherish them half as much as I do of all my thoughts of you
Well then you're truly blessed my beautiful son whom I never knew


from Robert Louis Crane Acoustic Songs, track released October 31, 2011
Lyrics, Guitar and Vocals by Robert Louis Crane


all rights reserved



Robert Louis Crane San Rafael, California

Robert Louis Crane & Mary E Jennings- The Green Bird Studio in San Rafael, Ca

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