“Powerless” By Robert Crane 3-26-13 bob@thegreenbirdstudio.com 415-726-9571

Verse 1
am e
I'm bending and about to break , so tired and feeling weak
e am
I'm vulnerable to mistakes, I didn't used make, I am staring at defeat
f am
I'm struggling to address all those shortcomings I've suppressed
e7 e am
so many things I wished I'd changed and now I regret I'm powerless

1st chorus
am f 7 e6 am
like a sinking boat in a stormy sea with out a sail
e7 e
like a speeding train running out track soon I will derail
am f 7 e6 am
so powerless as the light fades from your eyes
e7 e am
I pray for a miracle , before all hope dies
2nd Verse
am e
I've Been trying to swim upstream, no one hears my frantic calls
e am
the River toys and drowns & laughs at me as I 'm heading for the falls
f am
Like bird with a broken wing I've lost control of so many things
e7 e am
I'm Crumbling under the stress and helplessness I'm powerless
high f progression 10th fret bar 1st 3 strings 4th string 13th fret

Like the frightened boy at the leaking dyke with the water breaking through

high am minor progression bar 1st 3 strings 5th fret 4th string 7th fret

Every time I plug another hole it gets replaced by two
d7 e7 e am
I'm running out out of fingers what more can I do I'm powerless

2nd chorus same chords as first

so powerless as the light fades from eyes I pray for a miracle , before all hope dies

so powerless as I watch you slip away I've done everything I know how to do

And it's all been in vain, I'm Powerless , I'm Powerless


from Robert Louis Crane Acoustic Songbook, released April 16, 2017


all rights reserved



Robert Louis Crane San Rafael, California

Robert Louis Crane & Mary E Jennings- The Green Bird Studio in San Rafael, Ca

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